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KinKi Kids- Ningen Shikkaku (Eng Sub)
angel aiba
Because some people wanted links to download and Torrent isn't good for them, I upload the episodes here. I tried to split it to parts because it's easier to download like that, but surprisingly I couldn't split them... so full episodes for you ;)

Of course all subs are not mine, but AmeNoUta & LoveSong.


ningen shikkaku

[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 1- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 2- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 3- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 4- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 5- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 6- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 7- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 8- MEGA

And if someone wants smaller files...

[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 1- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 2- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 3- MEGA
[LoveSong] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 4- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 5- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 6- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 7- MEGA
[AmeNoUta] Ningen Shikkaku Episode 8- MEGA

I can't download from torrent so, Thank you so much momo100-chan for sharing direct links♥

I'm glad to help :)
I'll upload here ep 6 too, I hope this week.

Omg i cant believe somebody picked up this series!!!! Like really, really??!! This came out in 2004, right? I think the month was also around my birthday. LOL

thank you so much x subbing this! Im just so ecstatic that i can finally watch this drama in english.

I watched this without english subs back in 2006 but nothing beats watching it in a language that i can understand.

Thanks a lot again! ^_^

btw, just want to ask, when is episode 7 gonna come out? thanks so much again!!!! ^______^

First of all, I must say it isn't me who subbed it ^^" My Knowledge in Japanese is so low that... Well, I don't understand much without subs XD
As you can see (maybe it's better if I write it bigger..?), It's the work of LoveSong and AmeNoUta. The first 4 episode are by LoveSong and 5&6 are subbed by AmeNoUta. AmeNoUta is working on episode 7 now, I suppose. ^^
I just upload it to MEGA because there are people who can't download from torrent. And AmeNoUta is uploading to torrent...

This series came out in 1994, this is really really old XDD
But still, Ningen Shikkaku is sooo good! *-*
I watched it last year without subs, and it is really better when you understand what is going on XD

Ah, I'll upload ep 7 when it subbed, but you always can go to AmeNoUta, it's the source ^_^

Thank you so much for uploading the series to Mega. I remember watching fanmade mv for this drama from Youtube many years ago. Finally can watch it with English subs. Can't believe how young Kinki Kids are in this drama.

You're welcome ^^
Deshou?? They're so tiny ^_^

Thank you so much for uploading this as a non-torrent!! I have been looking everywhere for this drama! Chibi KinKi Kids!! Thank you

Please upload rest of the episodes from 7 to 12. Plzzzzzzzzz :)

Sorry dear but I don't have those episodes... Well, more precisly, I don't have them with english subs..
If you want to watch them raw, please search at domotokyoudai community in livejournal, they have it somewhere. If you want subs.. you'll need to wait (with me ;)) for AmeNoUta to sub the rest ^_^

I've been looking around for this, thanks so much for sharing them!

You're welcome :)
BTW I really love your userpic ^_^

Hi, thanks for up the drama, but i have a problem, I can't download the first epsiodes and I don't use torrent :(, please anyone can help me?

THanks you so much :D

It´s a direct download, you don´t need torrent :).
Just click de link, and then click the orange square where says "Save on Computer" and wait~ :)

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing serie with us uvu <3
I couldn't stop crying T_T. Just in case don´t you have the other episodes? it doesn´t matter if they are RAW.
It´s so beautiful TT__TT.
Thank you so much!

You're welcome ^^
Yes, me too! I like this drama very much ^_^
There're RAW episodes in domotokyoudai community, here:

I found a tumblr which translates some parts of the other chapters

[[Nimi: I have been waiting for you. It was truly a coincidence that I could take a picture of the moment when Oba-kun jumped off the building. But how about this? Don’t you think this is a perfect picture in terms of size and angle? This is my favourite among my collection.

Oba: Collection?!

Nimi: Yes, this is the best of them all. This is the moment a human behind ends his life. I even became speechless for a while. However, my desire increased even more. I want to see more portraits. Then I decided to send you a picture of Miyazaki torturing your son. I was dubious to whether you satisfied my expectations. Splendidly… you splendidly showed me what I expected. The moment that a person kills another person. Oba-san, you are amazing. You were certainly a monster. You transformed into a monster out of a tremendously outrageous feeling. But human’s desires cannot be used up. While I was observing the true nature of humans, I even had an illusion of me becoming a god. So more and more… The detectives didn’t understand the reason I sent a picture of the moment he jumped off. Of course they can’t. It’s because that will increase the possibility of you coming to me. The answer is very easy. I mean, I want to take a picture of a human that is trying to kill me. That would be the perfect piece for my finale.

Oba: A god?! You are a devil! A devil that enjoys manipulating human’s emotions.

Nimi: I’m so offended to hear that from you who has killed people. Got it? What I am doing is more like a highly artistic hobby. No law can judge me.

Oba: I’ve had enough of you. I want to ask you only one thing. Couldn’t you save Makoto before you took this picture?

Nimi: Possibly. Yes, yes. Be more angry! Haha, a partner who is trying to kill me is very great! Monster! ]]

I do hate Nimi-sensei T_T

Oh yeah I know that! But thanks for publishing it here! ^^

This part is from the last episode, when the father tried to kill Nimi-sensei at the pool...That was so sad even when I didn't understand a word T_T

This Nimi-sensei is a devil... And to think that in the beginning I thought he was the most normal one! ><
I most say I don't like Morita-sensei either, she's pretty dumb and useless

Thanks so much for the re-up on Mega! I don't torrent so I thought I'd have to wait a loooong time to see the subbed version. :)

Thanks so much for the DL links! I can't use torrents either ;_;

....This will be my first time watching a drama show, I don't really know how it will go haha.

Edited at 2015-03-24 11:11 am (UTC)

You're welcome ^_^
Well, I must say Japanese Dramas are a bit different from American Dramas. Not necessarily worse :)
Ningen Shikkaku is a great Drama in my opinion, have fun watching! ^_^

This drama is really dark but when we began it, it is necessary to finish it. What is going to make the father of Makoto? What tries to make Nimi sensei? How is going to evolve the character of Ruka? It is frustrating. Thank you very much for the upload ^^

Indeed... But this drama makes you think about things in life, like friendship and family and trust. I really liked it ^^
You're welcome :)


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